The Endocrine Awareness Center for Health is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit dedicated to the education proper diagnosis proper treatment and research of the diseases and conditions of the Endocrine System.

The driving force behind the creation of Endocrine Awareness Center for Health was the void of accurate, accessible information about endocrine issues. After responding to hundreds and thousands of posts on Yahoo health groups and other health forums, it became clear that there needed to be a central clearing house for information about endocrine issues and treatment options. Concurrently, the idea arose that it might be possible to sponsor research into areas where there is a lack of information. In addition to providing information and facilitating studies, our goal is to provide group and individual education and coaching, help paying for labs, and help in finding good doctors and treatment.

eAware.org covers the organs and glands in the Endocrine System. Their functions, conditions, and/or diseases and under lying functions within the body to support these organs and glands.

We will cover thyroid disease and it’s various causes, forms and co-diseases, including Adrenal Fatigue, HPA axis Dysfunction, Diabetes and Sex Hormone maladaptations. We also hope to inform about Parathyroid Gland issues and Pituitary issues. The many fields of thought about the hormones affected by these issues and the proper treatments to make a person’s life worth living again from the horribly debilitated states so many have fallen into with the current medical curriculum.

Many people have fallen into horribly debilitated states from these endocrine disorders, and we hope to offer guidance towards restoring quality of life.

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